Our Crew


Stephen 2009
Stephen is 35
His birthday is Nov.15/88
He graduated from University of Waterloo with a math degree in computers.
Stephen is married with 2 children and after several years in the computer industry
as a software developer, now runs his own software business
. See his personal site.

Daniel 2009
Daniel is 33
His birthday is April 4/90
Daniel graduated with a BRE in counselling from E.B.C.
He currently lives in Kirkland Lake 3 children and works for Canada Post.
Daniel loves music and writing songs and stories.

Jessica 2009
Jessica is 31
Her birthday is July 10/92
She is married to Rory Carrington and is busy at home looking after her 2 boys.
She is a qualified full journey dula and loves art and digital design.
Jessica loves helping others and hanging out with friends.