Our Calling and Goals

We are missionaries of Rosebank B.I.C. church serving with T.E.A.M. in Chad. God impressed upon our hearts the need to be involved in support ministries. This means supporting the church and church planting efforts of missionaries in Chad. The work in Chad ranges from pioneer outreach and Church planting in remote areas, to teaching ministries in Bible Schools, medical work Koutou Print Shop and Bible translation. T.E.A.M. also has a Print shop that produces most of the vernacular church literature in some 15 local languages. We live and work among the N’Gambai tribe where my parents ministered for almost 40 years thus giving first-hand knowledge of the needs. Growing up I (Paul) saw my father and many other missionaries spending much of their time doing maintenance and everyday tasks that were not the focus of their ministry. Basic life in Chad is very difficult as it does not have most of the modern conveniences we enjoy in North America.

Without help, many missionaries must waste time repairing and maintaining equipment Computer Maintenance for Bible Teacher they rely on, in a very difficult environment, often taking them longer as they are not adept to the likes of electricity and plumbing etc. My training and experience as a toolmaker, industrial maintenance mechanic,and computer technician combined with my knowledge of Chad make my contribution effective in supporting the missionaries as well as the church, in Chad.  My ministry involves a variety of jobs, ranging from building construction / 1st Jatropha Harvest Aug. 09 maintenance and mechanical repairs, to computer maintenance and servicing equipment at the Print shop located on the property.  The property is 15 acres which consists of 5 houses, print shop, school with boarding facilities and guest facilities. Maintenance includes grounds keeping, and caring for the generator, electrical & water supply etc. I am also in the process of developing a bio-fuel program for the generators. I also provide technical/computer assistance to some 40+ other missionaries working in the country, who depend on solar systems for electricity.

Kathryn’s ministry involves her in the lives of the missionary’s children.  The  dormitory and school on the property is primarily for missionary children.  Palmview School provides an option for those who don’t choose to educate their children at home but don’t want to send them out of country for long periods at such a young age.  The school is a two room facility providing grades 1-8 learning. Kathryn’s long desire to teach children in a Christian setting and her answer to God’s call on her life was during the ministry presentation of a retiring teacher from Palmview.  Kathryn’s ministry began during our first term when she had the privilege of teaching several classes at Palmview.  Kathryn currently fills the role of teacher and administrator at Palmview.  Our next home assignment is scheduled for May 2010. ESL ClassThere are currently no missionaries sending their children so Kathryn has refocused her skills to teaching ESL to Chadian students and adults desiring to learn English. This has been a huge change from teaching small children but has proven rewarding for student and teacher alike.  Kathryn uses Bible based material to be able to encourage the students not only in head knowledge but in Christian understanding and living.

We were accepted in the fall of 1993 and the Lord continues to supply our needs from day to day. One often views missionary support as salary but that is usually less than half of the support package.  Missionary support is largely funds used to carry out the ministry the missionary is doing, thus the effectiveness of our ministry is proportional to our financial support. Our financial needs are based on living expenses and the cost of the ministries we are involved in. These needs have increased greatly over the last few years partially due to the weakening of the US dollar and Chad’s more recent volatile economy. Last year wages were doubled and 2012 brings with it yet another 30% increase, with similar increases proposed for 2013 and 14.  The Lord has been good and while many have increased their commitment to the work, we remain very close to the minimum required which is often reflected in what we are able to accomplish. If you are wishing to partner with us in reaching the lost, both recurring support and one time donations are accepted for special projects and on field ministries. You can contact us by email if you would like current possibilities for projects. We are confident  of God’s calling on our lives so continue living by faith, trusting God to supply our needs.  Please pray that the Lord will continue to use us and meet our spiritual, physical and financial needs, that we may continue the work of spreading the Good News in Chad.

Notes about our ministry from our co-workers can also be found here.

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